Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Your Quotation 

By placing of an order and accepting our quotation you are acknowledging and confirming that you accept and will comply with the full terms and conditions of Shades blinds shutters awnings which are available on our website at: http://www.shadesblinds.com.au


All goods supplied by Shades blinds shutters awnings are manufactured to order and cannot be re-sold as we do not have stock items.  Cancellation of orders and changes to will not be permitted outside of the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission Legislation.


1. Acceptance of our quotation will occur by payment of initial payment or by issue of a purchase order.

2. Orders will not be processed until confirmed receipt of initial payment or purchase order is received by Shades blinds shutters awnings.

3. Quotations are valid for 30 days.

4. The customer is advised to check that the colour, shutter layout and the blade size and cord controls positioning that are set out on this quotation are correct.

5. A sample for non-standard colours must be supplied by the customer.

6. Only goods and products itemised in this quotation will be supplied.

7. Any additional products not listed on this quotation, but now required, will be treated as a new order and paid for separately on supply, final payment for the original order cannot be delayed whilst awaiting supply of the additional order.

8. All quotations are subject to check measure and price review by Head Office.

9. It is the client’s responsibility to provide adequate structure to secure all blinds.

10. The client is responsible for the removal of all existing window coverings, tracks and blinds unless charged for in quotation.

11. We accept no responsibility for client’s windows, doors or building being out of square.

12. Quotations do not cover scaffold or height access equipment; this is to be supplied by others.

13. All goods remain the property of Shades blinds shutters awnings and ownership of goods will not be passed onto client until payment is made in full. The warranty will not come into effect until full payment as per the invoice /quotation has been made.

Copyright 01.01.14 Shades blinds shutters awnings.

14. All effort will be made to deliver and install goods and complete this contract in the estimated time, however, the company cannot be held responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond its control.

15. The information contained or referred to in the quotation documents is confidential and must not be disclosed or released for any other use of purpose. 


Placing an Order and Payments

1. Payment of a 50% Initial payment is required to place orders. No order can proceed until the payment is received by Shades blinds shutters awnings.

2. A further 50% payment will be required at completion of installation. We accept – EFT, Pay ID, Cheque or Cash. Shades blinds shutters awnings will be at liberty in its absolute discretion to charge interest on all overdue accounts at an annual rate of 15% and to charge any expense incurred in collecting or attempting to collect any overdue monies.


Our Bank Details 

The Greater Bank   

BSB: 637 000 Account Number: 720 054 795

Shades blinds shutters awnings. 


Please forward your remittance via email to: shadesblinds@bigpond.com


Cancellations and Changes 

1. Changes to or Cancellation of orders must be made in writing to Shades blinds shutters awnings within 2 working days from the placement of order. You may phone and notify us of the cancellation, but it must be confirmed in writing to email: shadesblinds@bigpond.com

2. If a cancellation of the order is requested before check measure, an administration fee of $70.00 will be incurred. The remaining balance of your initial payment will be credited to your Bank Account within 3 days of notification.

3. Cancellation of order after check measure will incur a minimum cost of $100 plus any material outlays.

4. Shades blinds shutters awnings will make all attempts to action any requests for changes or cancellation without charge, however if costs have been incurred you may incur charges up to the maximum value of the original order.



When your goods are ready, we shall contact you to arrange a convenient time to install. The client is responsible for the removal of all existing window coverings, tracks and blinds unless arranged, and if they are not removed upon installation extra charges will be due and payable.   The Customer is not entitled to defer, offset or withhold payment in whole or part for any reason unless agreed to by Shades blinds shutters awnings in writing.



Refer Warranty on our website at: www.shadesblinds.com.au. Warranty claims are valid only when full payment has been made as per the invoice. A call out fee will be applicable after 12 months.